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Site Visit Welcome Dinner Opening Ceremony Keynote Address Plenary 1 Plenary 2 Symposium 1 Symposium 2 Symposium 3 Plenary 3 Symposium 4 Symposium 5 Symposium 6 Plenary 4 Symposium 7 Symposium 8 Symposium 9 Closing Ceremony Networking Dinner


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The Singapore WSH Conference 2016

The Singapore WSH Conference 2016 Highlights

The Singapore WSH Conference 2014 Highlights


Speakers Presentation

Keynote Address 2

Dr Graham Perry Harrison
Work and Health

Plenary 1: Changing trends in work and technology—What it means to you

Dr David Michaels
Occupational safety and health as a value proposition

Mr Peter Andrew
The future of work and workplace

Symposium 1: Be the difference in WSH

Dr Antti Koivula
The Finland experience—Enabling well-being through work

Mr Chow Yew Yuen
The offshore and marine industry—Making a difference through WSH

Mr Pek Lian Guan
Re-think safety

Symposium 2: Emerging issues: Occupational diseases and WSH in transportation

Dr Chaiyuth Chavalitnitikul
“Safety Thailand”: A Collective effort of concerned Ministries to tackle the emerging occupational diseases and accidents of Thai workforce

Professor John Cherrie
Workplace cancer and Vision Zero

Plenary 2: Vision Zero—Inculcating the mindset of being safe and healthy

Mr Franck Baron
Pushing the limits of duty of care

Mr Kevin Myers
Vision Zero—A regulator's perspective

Mr Yeo Guat Kwang
Creating a positive and safe workplace for our working people with tripartite collaboration

Symposium 3: Business sustainability: WSH and crisis management

Mr Johan Geerinck
Environment, health and safety excellence

Mr Ajay Mishra
Crisis management at SATS

Ms Yvonne Wong
Sustaining and strengthening Singapore businesses with WSH framework

Symposium 5: A safe and healthy workplace makes business sense—The key levers

Ms Shelley Frost
The value of OSH in a sustainable business

Mr Edward Wee
Promoting flexibility in achieving work-life integration through positive health and safety culture

Er Ho Siong Hin
Well-being through work—A “no choice” option?

Symposium 6: Communicating WSH in a diverse workplace

Mr Bruno Thiebaud
“United in Diversity”—How do the European Union’s WSH communications measure up?

Professor Theng Yin Leng
A study of employees’ acceptance of using exergames for corporate wellness

Symposium 7: Innovative approaches in WSH

Dr Lee Newman, MD
Innovative interventions in Total Worker Health®: Model partnership between academia and a workers’ compensation insurance company

Ms Karen Curran
Workers’ compensation takes Total Worker Health® to small business

Dr David Chua
Enhancing Design for Safety with BIM

Dr Evelyn Teo Ai Lin
IPASS: An innovative BIM tool to determine productivity and safety index

Symposium 8: Work ability and fitness for work—The way forward

Senior Lieutenant Colonel (SLTC) Chia Hon Teck
Reintegrating injured sailors in the Navy

Dato’ Dr Mohammed Azman bin Dato’ Aziz Mohammed
Enhancing WSH with disability management. A tertiary prevention approach

Ms Marie Larue
When primary prevention fails